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“Todd at Jacobson Law was great to work with! I told him that I wanted to start a small, home-based business with limited liability yet a fairly simple tax structure. He explained all of my options, answered all of my questions and ultimately helped me set up an LLC. Throughout the entire process, he was patient as I asked all kinds of questions, thorough and professional.”

M. Maughan.

“Todd is everything I look for in an attorney – knowledgeable, efficient, and dependable. He handled the start-up for my business amazingly well and exceeded all expectations. He clearly answered my questions and really gave me an added boost of confidence with the business start-up. He will take charge of the process and make sure you are well served. Todd is phenomenal and I highly recommend him.”

Rachel C.

“Todd Jacobsen is the perfect attorney. Knowledgeable, approachable and straightforward. With Todd’s help we formed an S Corp, filed a dba and got all of our Federal and State tax papers in place. Jacobsen also has an easy to understand and easier to digest flat rate for their work. And, an extra bonus — Todd thinks of all the little things you might forget…and has contacts in all areas of the industry; liability insurance, banking, merchant services, etc. This is the place to go for help with your new business.”

T. Gold

“I recently used Jacobsen Law Firm to form an S-Corp. I had put it off for a long time because I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed, and I was nervous that my ignorance would work against me. However, I had a wonderful experience using their services. All my questions were answered, and they were very thorough in helping me understand what I was doing and getting me started. I am now officially a Small Business Owner and I would recommend Jacobsen Law Firm to anyone looking for tax law services.”

Amy M.

“When our company was served with an IRS audit, Mr. Todd Jacobsen’s law firm represented us during the entire audit process that included multi-years and multi-entity returns.  Mr. Jacobsen was able to work directly with the IRS agent so that we did not have any direct contact with the IRS at all.  He exhibited professionalism, knowledge, and ability.  He took stress of off of me as the company accountant.  More importantly, he displayed a great understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, tax law, and audit procedures.  His understanding of tax case law and his discussions with the IRS agent turned our case around.  I would have been satisfied with no assessment or a small assessment, but Mr. Jacobsen actually got us a small refund!  I personally recommend Todd Jacobsen’s law firm to anyone interested in protecting business assets, doing tax planning to limit tax liability, or anyone interested in an excellent attorney to represent them before the IRS.  Todd’s dual education makes him a perfect match for any business seeking a strong tax lawyer who is willing to go the extra mile and who knows his way around the tax code.  Todd was also very reasonable and fair with his billing hours and was able to get the case resolved quickly.”

Mary LaMont – Allied Construction & Development, Inc.

“I used Jacobsen Law Firm to help me organize an LLC as well as to draft business contracts.  It provides a great feeling of calm to know that my LLC was formed properly to provide maximum protection.  I also have a greater feeling of confidence while giving a sales presentation or in client interactions knowing that my contracts were drafted to meet my specific concerns.  I outsource my business legal needs to Jacobsen Law Firm, and recommend them to others as well.”

Justin E.

“Todd Jacobsen was instrumental in the research, organization, and purchase of my small business.  He was able to walk me through the federal and state requirements and explained each step of this complex process.  Todd’s knowledge of both law and accounting practices allowed me to choose the corporate structure that would be the most beneficial.  He handled the filing of all of the required documents freeing valuable time for me to concentrate on learning and running my new shop.”

Catherine Z.

“I met Todd initially when he refinanced his loan with me and I have since used his services to set up an LLC. Todd is a very detail oriented person and his prices are extremely reasonable.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Todd always returns phone calls and addresses concerns.  He is very personable is a pleasure to work with and to know.  I will use him again at the first opportunity.  I have recommended Todd to my own family because I trust him and he does a great job.”

A. Olsen

“We were referred to Todd Jacobsen by our life insurance agent. My wife and I just purchased life insurance and we were thinking about getting our wills and other things in order. Jacobsen was very helpful to walk us through the process regarding estate planning and setting up a trust. He was very detailed oriented. And we also like it that he charges a flat fee for the services. Much better than open-ended hourly based legal services.”

Roland L.