All Utah businesses are required to designate a registered agent with the Division of Corporations. There are many reasons to have Jacobsen Law Firm, PLLC serve as your Utah Registered Agent including:

  •  We are a law firm!  Ensure that you get prompt notice from a licensed attorney of any legal notice or lawsuit.

  • ·         Ensure that your required annual report is promptly filed each year.

  • ·         Ensure that your annual fees are paid to the state of Utah each year to maintain good standing

  • ·         We will keep up on any changes in the law with regards to annual filings and fees, and notify you of those changes when we are serving as your Registered Agent

  • ·         Provide additional privacy (legal notices are usually served on us, instead of upon you at your place of business or residence)

  • Make you less attractive to a lawsuit, as the Registered Agent is public information, and it will be apparent that you are represented by a business attorney and likely have your legal affairs in order